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Neuraspace aims to solve the issue of space traffic at large and debris specifically by protecting satellites operators from collisions and providing manoeuvring assistance, with an end-to-end automated solution built on three pillars:
(1) Data Fusion: a persistent and reliable data source for better characterization of conjunction events by reducing uncertainties, from space debris images, collision data messages (CDMs), ephemeris files, state vectors from established catalogues and satellite owners, space weather and asset’s information about the assets being managed.
(2) Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and their explainability: automate complex decision processes, detect patterns from complex data to provide better collision predictions for risk mitigation.
(3) Manoeuvring Automation: An end-to-end automated 24/7 AI-enabled collision risk prediction complemented by intelligent manoeuvre suggestions that considers operator constraints and priorities will significantly reduce operation’s time and costs.

Company Website: https://www.neuraspace.com

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