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Nuno Sebastião, Co- Founder and Investor

Prior to starting Feedzai, Nuno was an engineer for the European Space Agency, and worked closely with several successful technology startups.

In 2011, Nuno, along with his fellow co-founders Paulo Marques and Pedro Bizarro, established Feedzai to fight financial fraud with advanced machine learning technology.

Fast forward to today, Nuno has been named the Entrepreneur of the Year by London Business School, shared a stage with tech leaders such as Stephen Hawking and Steve Wozniak, and has been the driving force of Feedzai’s global growth.

Under Nuno’s leadership, Feedzai has raised more than $282 million in venture funding, surpassed 600 employees, and continues to keep commerce safe for many of the leading banks, retailers, and payment processors around the globe.  In 2020, Nuno entered again in the space sector, by founding and investing (non exec role) in Neuraspace, a pioneer company in the use AI/ML to fight Space Debris and collisions that can destroy satellites, enabling satellite operators to detect up to 50% more high-risk collisions that have been so far undetected and reducing the need for human intervention up to 2/3.

Nuno has an MBA from the London Business School.

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