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Atif Qureshi, Director of Business Capture

Atif Qureshi is a Director of New Business Capture for Robotics and Space Operations at MDA. In this role, he seeks opportunities to apply advanced robotics technology to provide mission solutions for the space economy. Prior to this, he played a similar role at Maxar where he created a number of technology development projects in collaboration with NASA and the DoD as well as supported the development of the DARPA RSGS in-space servicing mission and the NASA SPIDER in-space assembly payload. Before that, he spent many years as an engineer at NASA.

At Goddard Space Flight Center, he worked to develop and test new technologies for in-space servicing and assembly, including the OSAM-1 mission and the various Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) missions to the ISS. At Johnson Space Center, he was a robotics flight controller, where he planned and executed ISS and Space Shuttle robotic operations, including ISS repair missions, the capture of visiting vehicles like HTV and Dragon, and the Hubble Servicing Mission 4.

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